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REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD.

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My name is Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha Lebanese expatriate, Proprietor and Patron of Ruwayha Eco Village – REV (Hammana – Lebanon) interested to cooperating together.
REV is a privately-family owned “Tourism and Business Vilage” in Lamartine Valley / Hammana in Mount-Lebanon at a distance of (27) Km from Beirut, with easy access and connection from all directions engulfing and encompassing a total of over 72 000 square meters of land.
REV, with twelve years of working experience, represents until now - only “Lower-Parcel” - an investment of over twenty million ( 200 - أظهر الرقم - ) USD.
Final, REV total investment - both “Upper & Lower-Parcels” - will exceed two hundred million ( 200 - أظهر الرقم - ) USD.
Besides and in conjunction, I believe that Lebanon is one of the best investment choices and equally that there is still time to get in on the ground-floor of future growth: Lebanon has a wide host of unmet needs and/or aspirations.
REV is geared to developing and to metamorphosing itself to becoming an “Avant-Garde and World-Class, 365 days per year Tourism, Business, Industry and Festival Village Complex” intended to catch all multifaceted tourism joys, cultural motifs and business possibilities of Lebanon’s history, tradition and heritage.
Lebanon's history, culture, and hospitality have always made it one of the most treasured vacation destinations in the Middle East; REV decided that it is time to communicate and build bridges with our other “Lebanese Diaspora-Expatriate-Wing”.
REV seeking to employ short-term “Lebanon-Marketing-Delegates”; hereafter, different “Freelance-Marketing-Delegates”, after proven-positive-obtained-results, will ultimately outgrow to become REV different employed “Delegates” through signing with every selected person a fixed contract (Salary plus commission) job title being “REV-Marketing-Assistant” for a designated different area and marketing objective.
Before contacting us, please be kind enough to read carefully each of our 5 multifaceted “Short & Long-Term” different “REV-Free-Lance-Employment-Offer” advertisements while noting that REV anticipates that every applicant will respect and adhere to below enumerated-requirements.
REV recommends that you also consult our more than 15 different advertisements on OLIXLIBAN.
Job Description: Conveying, explaining, sending and presenting the details of REV "Lebanese-Diaspora-Youth Summer-Swimming & Camping-Vacation” – LDYSCV 15 USD per day participation, program, conditions, and offers.
Some born, lived, worked, still working in, travels back and forth, has a company in, with relations, has contacts, a business in and/or was naturalized or is a citizen of one OR more European country.
Period: All year.
Job Title & Place: “Freelance-Delegate” for Arab-Gulf-Countries.
Age: 25 Plus years old.
Curriculum Vitae (C.V): Required.
Minimum Schooling Degree: B.A. or M.A.
Minimum Languages: Arabic, English, French & Spanish OR Portuguese; additional language(s) a plus.
Work Experience: None; experienced a plus.
Some born, lived, worked, still working in, travels back and forth, has a company in, with relations, has contacts, a business in and/or was naturalized or is a citizen of one OR more Latin American country.
Minimum Number of Years: None; experienced a plus.
Not Convicted and/or Imprisoned Attestation: Required.
Vehicle & Driver’s License: Required.
Personal Characteristics: HONEST; Business minded and PR oriented; enthusiastic; dedicated; eager to learn; highly organized; highly motivated and motivates others; well informed; Team-working-collaborator individual; Social-Media follower and/or user; Executes instructions; and at ease and well versed in conversations.
Different REV “Marketing-Delegates” Programs:
1. REV “Lebanon-Freelance-Marketing-Delegate” - LMD.
2. REV “Arab-Gulf-Countries-Freelance-Marketing-Delegate” - GCMD
3. REV “European-Countries-Freelance-Marketing-Delegate” - ECMD.
4. REV “USA-Freelance-Marketing-Delegate” - USAMD.
5. REV “Latin-American-Countries-Freelance-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD
REV Back-

REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  2
REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  3
REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  4
REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  5
REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  6
REV Long-Term “Latin-American-Countries-Marketing-Delegate” - LACMD. راس  بيروت -  7

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